Keep Your Livestock Vaccines Safe this Winter

Merry Christmas! We hope everyone is healthy and safe as we put the finishing touches on the longest year on record. From all of us here at CattleVacBox, thank you and best wishes to a more normal 2021.


Today is officially the first day of winter. With the cold weather here for many of us, it is a good reminder that livestock vaccines must stay within the proper temperature range no matter the time of year. Yes, they need to be kept cool and protected from UV light during the summer months. But, vaccines must not be allowed to get too cold, as a frozen vaccine is just as ineffective as a warm vaccine. So, bring your CattleVacBox with you chute side this winter and, if possible throw a warm pack inside.


Also keep in mind that leaving your syringe outside for too long can lead to the needle tip freezing, which will prevent the vaccine from being administered. So, when not in use, please re-holster your syringes in our specially-designed lid to warm them up.


As always, please consult your veterinarian for the plan that best fits your needs. Make Every Shot Count™ with CattleVacBox! Proudly made in the USA.


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