Herd in Pasture showing CattleVacBox is Necessary

Why are Vaccine Coolers Necessary?

Why do you need a CattleVacBox?


You’ve probably heard Make Every Shot Count ™. 


And you’ve probably seen that we manufacture vaccine coolers.


But why do you actually need a vaccine cooler?


Making every shot count isn’t about a catchy slogan that sounds good. It’s what we believe here at CattleVacBox. Hundreds, if not thousands, of vaccines are administered every year to cattle and other animals in the US. That’s great, but if these vaccines aren’t effective, there’s no point in giving them.


Sick cattle cost money for you and can even impact the whole industry– that’s why vaccines for diseases such as blackleg and BVD are so important. Keeping animals and humans healthy is the whole reason that vaccinations are given.


Vaccines, especially live vaccines, must be kept at certain temperatures to remain alive and effective. They especially shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight. While each vaccination is different, they all require a cool, dim storage area. This can be easy to provide while at the house or ranch, but before we came along, there was no chute-side solution.


CattleVacBoxes are designed to keep your vaccines safe and effective in a portable container that is also useful. The syringe holes mean that even when the syringes are loaded with vaccine, they can still keep the vaccine in the dark, temperature controlled environment. This helps make sure that every shot, whether it is at the beginning or the end of the day, is still as effective as all of the other shots given.


Still not convinced? Check out our blog for more information about keeping your cattle healthy and happy.