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Which Taggers Work with Sagebrush Tags

Is it your first-time using Sagebrush tags? We’re highly recommending using Sagebrush applicators because they are specifically designed for their own 1-piece and 2-piece tags. However, this does not mean that Sagebrush tags can only be applied with Sagebrush applicators. Other applicator brands can also be used for Sagebrush tags application.  




The Sagebrush 1-piece tag applicator comes in black and priced at $25 a piece. For 2-piece tags, the Sagebrush 2-piece tag applicator flaunts a black-red color combination with a $28 price tag. Both are durable, easy on the hands, and can do the tag application in a quick manner.  


But if you are looking for other applicator brands that also work with Sagebrush tags, here are some of our favorite alternatives along with some reasons why you should give them a try.  


  • FOR 2-PIECE TAGS – ALLFLEX UTT3S APPLICATOR – AllFlex’s UTT3S Applicator is definitely a go-to device among farm owners when it comes to the application of Sagebrush 2-piece tags. In fact, this device is considered on the top tier of animal device applicators because of its unique ergonomic design, ease of use, and reliability.

    Aside from Sagebrush 2-piece application to cattle, AllFlex tagger can also be used to attach electronic identification devices to sheep, swine, and goats. Its versatile and smart design is all about efficiency. Whether it’s a simple changing of pins or switching between device types, it can help with a range of on-farm workflows. If you’re asking whether it can withstand the harshest and most demanding farm environments, AllFlex never fails to deliver quality and robust products and this tagger is not an exception.

    With its easy-squeeze mechanism and light weight, AllFlex tagger only requires very little force from an adult user during Sagebrush tag application. Also, the tagger’s ergonomic design allows comfortable use even in extended periods of on-farm labor.

    AllfFlex tagger is also packed with enhanced safety features so it can withstand the dangerous demands of farm labor. The reduced pinch points of the applicator enable the user to do the application in a quick and noise-free manner for the welfare of the animal.  

  • FOR 1-PIECE TAGS – ZTAGGER – Sagebrush 1-Piece Tag can also be applied with the Z1 No-snag Tagger. It’s a favorite among farm owners because it is designed for faster, easier, and fool-proof operation. The exclusive flip-out pin swings out to make loading easier and eliminates torn ears and bent or broken pins.

    The quick release function and flip-out pin helps the operator have the control in ensuring safety at all times. As a result, they can get their hands and the tagger away from the animal as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    This tagger is light on the hands so the operator won’t experience any difficulty even for extended periods of tag application. Also, each tagger usually includes a spare pin and tag loader.  


Sagebrush tags are built for retention and durability. They are manufactured to make cattle tagging and management as easy and as organized as possible. Although these tags are designed to be used with Sagebrush applicators, other applicators such as AllFlex and Ztagger would also help you get the job done. So, if you already have these taggers and are planning to switch to Sagebrush tags, you don’t necessarily have to invest in new taggers.

If you’re in doubt, nonetheless, whether the tagger you have right now will fit, don’t hesitate to reach us!