Cattle with Yellow RFID Ear Tags on Premise

What is a Premise ID Number?

Premise ID numbers are required to purchase 840 RFID or EID tags. If you’ve never heard this term before- never fear. We have all the information you need on what they are, how to register for one, and where to find yours. 


What is a Premise ID #?


A premise ID number is an identification number used to track livestock for disease control. Premise ID numbers are issued by the USDA, and are part of the NAIS, or the National Animal Identification System. A premise ID number is required to purchase 840 RFID ear tags for animals, also called AIN or Animal Identification Number tags.


What does a Premise ID Number look like?


A Premise ID is a 7- digit code starting with “00”. It is a mix of numbers and letters, and is unique to the location that the livestock are raised at.


Where do I find my Premise ID #?


Usually, your state’s Department of Agriculture or Animal Tracking Program will help you. For more information on a state-by-state basis, look at’s handy resource.


What is an LID #? Can I use that to purchase 840 tags?


An LID # is a Location Identifier Number. In some cases, 840 tags can be purchased using an LID number, but a Premise ID is more reliable and is sure to work. The LID is assigned for a state-wide tracking system, and is not shared with the federal government. A Premise ID is assigned by the state on behalf of the federal government.


How can I register to receive a Premise ID Number?


Most states have forms to fill out, which are submitted to the state Department of Agriculture or the state’s livestock traceability program. From here, your premise or location is assigned a permanent number which never needs renewed or changed. Some states also have the option to register over the phone.


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