Image of Boss Vaccine Cooler in Chute

What is a Boss Vaccine Cooler?

Durable, versatile, and crafted by ranchers, for ranchers- what’s not to love about The Boss? This durable cooler not only keeps your vaccines at the right temperature for year-round vaccinations, but also provides a safe storage solution to keep your supplies organized while close at hand. But what features make The Boss Vaccine Cooler stand out?


1. 3 Syringe Holsters with Plugs for Storage

Keep your syringes out of the sunlight, and into the cool atmosphere inside the cooler with holes for up to three syringes. Keeping vaccines at the right temperature is imperative to ensure that they stay effective, and by keeping your vaccinations at the right temperature, even when they are in the syringe, is crucial to making every shot count. When not in use, use the provided plugs to keep the cold air in and the warm air out (or vice versa if it is wintertime!).


2. Removable insert tray

The 6-compartment, patented insert tray for inside the left-hand side of the Boss comfortably holds 3 types of vaccines and needles for each. No more confusion here – each syringe gets its own space for the respective vaccine. The heavy-duty plastic is strong enough to hold everything you need, while keeping the ice packs separate . The divider as well as the tray is removable for easy cleaning.


3. Molded Handles

The Boss may be our biggest vaccine cooler, but never fear about transporting it! The cooler is designed with molded handles on each side which make it easy to pick up and carry.


4. 3 Heavy-Duty Latches

The latches on The Boss are built to last, and all three ensure that the lid will be stable and secure. Fitting snugly into molded grooves in the lid, and secured tightly into the base, they allow for easy use while providing the stability required to get the job done.


5. Built-In Sharps Container

While the right-hand side is primarily used for storing the vaccines, did you know that it can also be used as a sharp’s container? Drop your needles into a syringe hole into your container of choice for a safe disposal. Click here to find out why changing your needle regularly is so important!

Customization Available!
Want to take your Boss cooler to the next level? Get a customized logo or brand engraved on the top! Click here for more information.