5 Tips for Maximizing ROI from Calf Vaccinations

With calf weaning fast approaching, now is the time to review how a proper vaccination program can add value to your livestock operation. A recent Beef Magazine web article interviews an industry veterinarian who lays out how to get the most bang for your buck from your vaccination program. These five tips are summarized below:  

  1. Assess and evaluate vaccine needs. Working with your veterinarian, conduct a vaccine program assessment no matter whether you have vaccinated your herd for years or are considering adding a vaccination protocol for the first time.

  2. Minimize stress before, during, and after vaccination. If possible, give initial vaccines for young calves 2 to 3 weeks before weaning followed by a booster shot a few weeks after weaning. These lower stress times can produce a more effective immune response to minimize disease risks.

  3. Ensure proper vaccine handling and storage. To quote the veterinarian in the article, “Vaccine storage is critical as they are temperature and light sensitive. Handling and administration can also impact vaccine efficacy so paying attention to this is a must.” Vaccines must be kept cool. Only bring as much vaccine product out of the refrigerator as will be used in a couple hours and store it in a cooler while administering, especially modified live vaccines.

  4. Don’t overlook nutrition and hydration. When calves are healthy prior to vaccination through balanced nutrition and access to fresh, clean water, they are better equipped to handle the vaccination process.

  5. Communicate vaccine efforts and market cattle health through the supply chain. Not only does this allow you to capture a greater premium for your cattle but it increases consumer confidence in the industry’s ability to supply a safe, quality product.

As laid out in tip 1, please consult your veterinarian. Make Every Shot Count™ with CattleVacBox!


Source: Beef Magazine online, “5 tips for maximizing ROI from calf vaccinations,” September 10, 2020