• Jr. Cattlevacbox

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    The Jr. Cattlevacbox is designed for the smaller operator/ calving time/ or just need to doctor a few. Its also perfect for those who work both sides of the chute. Easy to carry with our  removable handle(size and color of handle may vary), weighs 15 lbs and measures 17x12x15. Designed to hold, sort and organize up to , two different meds, their injection and transfer needles separately. Under the tray is room for your ice packs and extra med. No operation works their livestock the same so use common sense on how many ice packs your going to need for the time and situation you are working in.. Houses two syringes and under the syringe side is your sharps container for your used needles, just drop thru the hole when changing and when done dispose of properly.The Jr. comes with a clipboard, sharps container, set of plugs, a insulated pad and a ice/hot pack. Perfect size for the smaller operation , or those who work both sides of the chute, calving season.or just when you need to doctor or work a few. $180.00 USD