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Legends of Ag: Perigo Hay & Cattle

This week, we shine the light on a family-run operation that has been around for over 40 years and is a staple in their community. Perigo Hay & Cattle farm alfalfa and orchard grass alfalfa, in addition to ranching cows, and selling beef direct-to-consumers and to nearly 100 restaurants and shops across Nevada.


Rick Perigo always wanted to farm, and with the help of his wife Kim, they made his dream a reality. This story is no fairy tale – and the road to success was difficult. But with a keen business-sense, the Perigos started small and took advantage of each opportunity and mentorship they were offered. Rick Perigo says, “this operation has gotten to be the way it is because of hundreds of people that help us all the time. It’s not because of us – it’s because of everyone that has helped us” (Progressive Forage Magazine, 2013).

The true colors of an organization can be seen in the way they treat not only their customers – but their entire community. Rick and Kim’s daughter, Jess Trask, now at the helm of the ship as Ranch Manager, recalls the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and the inflation seen in grocery stores. She posted on social media saying, “We’re not okay with the price of ground beef in grocery stores, it’s absolutely insane. So, what Perigo wants to do is give back to our community by giving packs of ground beef out to our community who could not get it otherwise.”


The decision to give back can’t have been an easy one – as the Perigo farm was likely experiencing the same financial strain and rapid decline in sales felt across the world. Nevertheless, Jess spearheaded a program that provided ground beef to nominated community families who needed help. (Move over Captain Marvel, we have a new hero in town!)

The Perigos care for their cattle as much as they do their community. Jess says, “The pride you have in caring for your family and creating a beautiful meal; that’s the same pride that we put into caring for the animals.” One of the most important ways to ensure the cattle’s health and wellbeing is by properly storing vaccines. Jess continues, “Our ranch, Perigo Hay & Cattle, was always concerned with our vaccines being kept at the correct temperature, out of the harmful UV rays from the sun, etc. We were so excited when our neighbor showed us a CattleVacBox and we bought one immediately. We have had it for a couple years now and have loved it. It’s durable, easy to clean, and does exactly what it says: keeps vaccines safe. Peace of mind that cattle are getting an accurate vaccine is worth the investment of one of these coolers. I highly recommend it to all my ranching friends.”


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