Open Boss Cooler with Vaccines, Syringes, and Needles

Packing a Vaccine Cooler

Before you head out for that morning or day of working cattle, take a few moments to prepare your cooler for the day. Packing vaccines correctly is vital for keeping them at the correct temperature all day. 



A good first step is to stabilize the cooler at the temperature you want it to be at for the day. If you’re working in the heat outdoors, this could mean putting in a lot of cold packs or ice for 40 – 60 minutes to get the cooler down to 35 degrees. Then, pack the right amount of cold packs and vaccine to maintain this correct temperature range for the day.



If you are working in the cold, have the cooler inside at room temperature before packing it for the day. You may want to add the warm packs as the day goes on, rather than upon packing, so as not to keep the initial temperature too warm. As you begin to vaccinate and are opening the cooler, the temperature will drop, letting in cold air and so needing more cold packs. 



Packing vaccines at the right temperature is vital for keeping your vaccines active and your cattle safe. Click here to learn more about how to make every shot count!™