Walking With Jr.

5 Uses For The Jr. Vaccine Cooler

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to our Jr. Vaccine Cooler! Having smaller dimensions and a handle, the Jr. is our most portable cooler. Find out other uses for this small but mighty CattleVacBox!

1. Small Herds

Have a herd of 50 head or less? The Jr. might be just the thing for you! This is ideal, especially when using a 1 or 2 shot vaccine program. 


2. Calving 

Use this to carry tagging equipment, your calving book, calving chains, as well as any vaccines with the syringes for the newborns. A perfect all-in-one solution!


3. Pasture Checking

Checking cattle? Why not bring a Jr. along? Bring vaccines and syringes just in case you need them. The handle makes it easy to carry while storing everything at the right temperature. 


4. Chute Side Work

The Jr. vaccine cooler is great for chute side work! If doing more than 2 shots at a time, we suggest buying 2 coolers and keeping one on each side of the chute. This way each worker can remain safe on their side of the chute without crossing in front of the chute, or reaching over the animal to access the other side of the neck for injection. It’s more efficient as well as safer!


5. AI process in Dairy Farming

Carry everything you need in one cooler. Add an ear tag caddy if you want- it can carry any additional supplies you may want!

A portable assistant to many everyday tasks, the Jr. serves as a versatile solution around the ranch.
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