CattleVacBox Repeater Syringe on Boss Vaccine Cooler

Is My Repeater Syringe Accurate?

As more live and small dose vaccines are being given to cattle, it’s always good to check that your syringes are in good working condition. Syringes that are not working correctly may not be accurate. Animals receiving inaccurate amounts of the vaccine may compromise its effectiveness. Precise vaccine dosages are vital to the health of the animal by providing the exact amount of medicine required.
In the modern age, many ranchers are using a 50 ml repeater syringe. There are many styles and models of syringes on the market, and all over the country ranchers have their preferences of which they like best.
All syringes need maintenance, no matter which style, type, or brand you prefer using. Wear and tear on the mechanics of the syringe can cause inaccuracy and inefficiency. Not sure if your syringes are good enough? Inspecting them is a quick process that can save you time and money in the long run.
Older steel syringes have technical mechanics that can wear down over time. The linkages can become worn and loose over time, causing inaccurate dosages.
The glass cylinder barrel in steel syringes has rubber seals on each end. These seals can deteriorate over time, causing vaccine to leak out.
These are much less likely to crack and break, but all O-rings and seals should be checked to make sure they are in good condition.
For all syringes, make sure that the trigger clicks firmly when each shot is administered. Always double-check the measurement increments on the barrel to ensure that the correct dose is being administered with each shot given, and that it corresponds to the measurement setting on the syringe.
Syringes are the most important instrument used in administering vaccines, and it’s our job to make sure that they are as effective as possible. A yearly inspection to ensure all syringes are working properly is a key step to Make Every Shot Count!™