Needle EXchange System

How to Use the Needle Exchange System

The needle exchange system is designed with 3 things in mind – safety, efficiency, and containment.


Here’s a step-by-step guide:


  1. Insert old needle into the empty side of the needle exchange
  2. Rotate the syringe a quarter turn counter clockwise to unlock the old needle.
  3. Remove the sterile plastic cap on the new needle. Insert the tip of the syringe into the new needle, and turn it clockwise until the new needle is tight.
  4. Dispose of needle exchange with dirty needle in approved container.



  • You can safely remove the old needle by inserting it into the removal side of the exchange vessel.

  • It has special grips that help to hold the needle firm while unthreading it from the syringe.

  • The old needle is then retained safely in the vessel while you insert your syringe onto the new needle in the other end of the vessel.

  • You are then left with a safely contained used needle that can be disposed of in a normal garbage bin or sharps container.


This system can greatly improve safety and efficiency for the person vaccinating as it prevents pricked fingers, normal frustration of trying to remove a stuck needle, and safe containment of the used needle all in one simple product.