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Your Guide to Gel Packs

Here at CattleVacBox, we constantly stress the importance of keeping your vaccines safe. That perfect temperature range can seem elusive, especially when you are constantly opening and closing the cooler all day when in use.


That’s where gel packs come into play. While often called “cold packs”, these gel packs are made of a material that stays either cold or warm for hours.


Why is it so important to keep your vaccines at the correct temperature anyway?

Live vaccines die and become ineffective if they get either too hot or too cold. That’s why they need a cooler to keep them at a temperature where the vaccine can stay live. If a live vaccine reaches a temperature where it dies, it becomes ineffective and does not do anything to protect your cattle.


Using Gel Packs While Packing Your Cooler

When packing a cooler, you might be tempted to just throw them all in the bottom and leave them there all day. However, this really isn’t the most effective method. While it is important to start the day with a cooler at the right temperature, make sure that you keep adding gel packs all day to maintain the temperature range necessary.
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How many gel packs do I need?

This depends on what temperature range you are working with. If you are working in extreme conditions, you will need more packs than if you are working in milder weather. Our gel packs come in sets of 2, and we recommend using at least 1 set per cooler at a time.


Why not use ice?

Gel packs actually stay frozen longer than ice does, due to the chemical properties of the gel. Also, the gel packs are sealed around the outside to prevent leaking.


“I’ve heard that some gel packs are toxic, so I don’t use them.”

Never fear! Our gel packs are non-toxic and perfectly safe to use around animals, people, and your vaccines.

Want to know more about what’s in gel packs? Check out this article from Kinetic Labs Health for more information to set your mind at rest.


We hope this guide helps you with information about gel packs! Our gel packs are specially sized to fit perfectly in the cooler’s compartments.


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