Cow needing fly protection

The Most Effective Ways to Control Flies on Cattle

The best way to effectively control flies is to determine what options best fit the environment you have your cattle in. Are they on open range or confinement? Are you feeding loose mineral? Do you have access to a corral system? Answers to these will help you determine which of the following to use.


Insecticide tags

Insecticide tags are effective if used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Timing and access to corrals are important. If these are cattle that will be going to slaughter, the correct timing for removal of the tags is a key part.


Pour-ons and Sprays

Pour-ons and sprays are other ways to get insecticide onto cattle. These are somewhat dependent on the cattle’s proximity to corrals to apply these.


Cattle rubs

These can be effective in getting insecticide onto cattle in more remote locations, where corrals are not as accessible. These are best used around water or salt and mineral to encourage use.


Larvicides and other additives

A larvicide or organic additive like garlic can compliment a tag or topical insecticide program. Loose salt or mineral is required to add these products to for consumption, or get a lick tub with everything included!



The best results to control flies are achieved when you consistently administer or provide the correct fly control program for your cattle based on where they are located and the facilities available. Contact your local vet for more information!