Legends of Ag: Five Marys Farms

Yes! There really are five Mary’s at Five Marys Farms!


Hailing from California, the family behind Five Marys (and one Brian) has a history of entrepreneurship and providing resources to the community. You name it and Mary Heffernan has conquered it. #MaryForPresident. Summer camp for kids? Check! Online lessons for parents and children? She did that, too. Raising cattle and writing cookbooks? Done, and done! All this in addition to having four little girls at home (all named Mary – hence the Five Marys name).

The land they live on is rich in family farming history and they are proud to continue that legacy through hard work, entrepreneurship and storytelling. Mary and Brian Heffernan are the driving force behind Five Marys Ranch, and all subsequent product and service offerings. These include Five Marys Meats, Farm Club, Burgerhouse, Five Marys Ranch Raised Cookbook, M5 Entrepreneurship Course, Ranch School, Camp Five Marys and so much more. You can learn more about everything Five Marys has built and offers here.



With such a significant footprint in the agricultural community, there’s no doubt that Five Marys has made an impression. This family-run ranch was featured in Oprah Magazine, Parent Magazine, and in 2018 was named “Best Farm” in America by Paleo Magazine!


A company with values similar to ours at CattleVacBox, Five Marys believes in hard work, dedication, and healthy animals. They are committed to selling the finest meat, and only the finest meat comes from animals and land that are well cared for.