Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big are they?

The Boss is 27x17x17 @ 28 lbs, the Jr is 17x15x15 @ 16 lbs

Q. What is the difference between them?

The Boss is set up for three syringes and sorts and organizes up to three different meds/vaccines. The Jr is set up for two syringes and sorts and organizes up to two different meds/vaccines and it comes with a handle.

Q. How much med will they hold?

The rule of thumb is , if your working 50 head or less at a time, tagging calves or working both sides of the chute, the Jr is perfect. If your going to work more then 50 head at a time the Sr is what you need.

Q. How are they made?

The boxes are roto molded then filled with insulation. Made and manufactured in Lake City PA.

Q. What are its differences between the CATTLEVACBOX and the others out on the market?

To start with, we were the first, and we hold 4 patents in the USA and Canada. Our box has the lift out tray. This tray is designed to organize and sort your vaccines and your injection and transfer needles. Under the tray is lots of room for extra meds and ice packs. The patented dual lids keep the syringes out of the elements but right at hand. Our metal latches will not break in cold temps. Our handles are molded in the box, they are not going to break or get in the way. We only make our CATTLEVACBOXES for vaccine/ meds. We don’t recommend you use this box for your lunch! Please remember the vaccines we use today are live /modified live and use common sense about putting your food for human consumption next to them.

Q. Where are they made?

Proudly made in the USA!!!