Photo showing cattle in the fall pasture

Getting Ready for Fall on the Ranch!

Fall on the ranch is a busy season, and gathering your livestock in a holding or sorting area can take considerable time and labor. It is often good to think about how to get the most out of this time when you have cattle in your handling facility. Will you just wean your calves, or will you preg check and cull your open and aged cows at this time as well?


We’ve gathered a list of questions to ask yourself to prep for working cattle efficiently during the fall season. 


        1. Are you planning to tag any cows or calves at this point? Do you have the correct ear tags and equipment to perform this? If not, make sure to stock up well ahead of time!

        2. Do you have herd records that will need to be updated? Are these electronic or on paper? Are these records and/or equipment needed for record-keeping in order ready for this activity?

        3. Do you have all the help you will need to be scheduled for this time? Are they trained or able to perform the task you require of them?

        4. Is the handling facility and corrals in good working order? Are there any repairs or improvements that need to be done?
          If vaccines are to be given, are these purchased and stored correctly? Do you have the correct syringes, cooler, and needles for efficient chute side operation?

        5. Is transport for cattle to other sites arranged? Is there a contingency plan in case of bad weather? Make sure to check the weather ahead of time. 


A simple, well-drafted plan with good communication well in advance of these busy times can help to make a better experience for both you and your livestock. 

Need ear tags or interested in a vaccine cooler for your fall routine? Check out why vaccines are necessary for healthy cattle here!

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