Personalizing Your Cooler: Engraving Customization

CattleVacBox offers the option of customizing the top of your cooler with an engraved image, text, or brand. Learn more about it here!


After you place your order, what process does this image go through before it is actually engraved?


First, we receive the image and download it. We complete a primary assessment to figure out if the image needs editing at all, or if the engraver can process it the way it is.


Secondly, the image of the customization is processed. We transfer the file to an engraver-friendly version, which makes it a single color. If necessary, one of our team members will edit the shape and text slightly to ensure an optimum engraving.


Will my image actually change?  We try to keep the mockups as similar as possible, and you can always let us know if you don’t like the edits, and we will fix them. Examples of editing includes making text bolder, simplifying complex images, and removing small details such as highlights.


If the image does get edited, the team member will email it back to you, and make sure that you are okay with the final version.  After confirmation, the final file is sent to the engraving team for processing.


How does the actual engraving work?

Customization works the same with the Boss and the Jr. While the coolers are different sizes, the space engraved is the same. The cooler lid is placed on the engraving machine, and the engraver burns the image into the cooler with a laser. This ensures durability and a long-lasting mark that won’t fade or discolor over time!


See examples of cooler customizations below!

Please note that depth of color and clarity may vary from cooler to cooler (as seen in pictures).