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Legends of Ag: CalfVet/Black Label Farms

We are so excited to introduce Dr. Marissa Hake, a veterinarian from Ohio who specializes in cattle and calf care. As if her credentials as a veterinarian weren’t enough, Dr. Hake and her husband also own and operate Black Label Farms – a British White Park cow herd!


Farming is not new to the Hake family, as Dr. Marissa’s husband, Travis, is a 7th generation farmer! He works with his brother, father, and uncle farming corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa, in addition to hogs and cattle. Black Label Farms is, “a registered herd of British White Park cows, a beef brand, and a future storefront and agritourism business” based in Ohio – get this – on a golf course! The Hakes purchased a golf course and tailored its topography into a grazing pasture for the cows, and they’ve got some big ideas for the clubhouse!

Dr. Hake is a scholar above all else, and this is evident not only by the number of years spent in post-secondary school to become a veterinarian, but also in the way she interacts with the public. Above all else, Dr. Marissa Hake’s priority is to provide education, focusing on the overall health of animals and how our food is raised. “Passionate about communicating modern agricultural practices,” Dr. Hake is one of the go-to professionals for speaking engagements at agricultural events, social media collaborations, or being featured as an expert on industry-leading podcasts. She has even done some guest blogging for yours truly! See her story about vaccine failure here: Is Your Fridge a Frenemy?, and her blog about vaccine-handling here: Vaccines are SENSITIVE! Take it Easy!


Extremely active and dedicated to her community, Dr. Hake brings her online followers behind-the-scenes at her farm, in her practice, and into her family. Her honesty-first approach has created an ecosystem of support, encouragement, empowerment, and trust for those seeking agricultural or veterinary guidance.


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