About Us

Our Journey

Created by ranchers for ranchers.

A fourth-generation Colorado rancher, our company’s founder, thoughtfully designed every part of the CattleVacBox with safety and organization as the top priorities.


As with most innovations, it was a problem without a good solution that prompted the development of the CattleVacBox in 2017. Since vaccine breaks down in sunlight and warm temperatures, we were looking for a solution that would allow them to quickly and easily store vaccine and vaccine guns when they weren’t being used. There was a better way to take care of them.


The prototype started with a drink cooler and a fishing tray. We weren’t able to find a vaccine cooler on the market that fit our needs and solved the problems we were having. So that’s where we started–what would be included and necessary in the ultimate vaccine cooler?


Friends and neighbors saw the prototype and started asking about where to get one. It clicked. We knew we needed to make the CattleVacBox a reality and available to all those who vaccinate livestock.

CattleVacBox - Boss and Jr coolers

Made In The USA!

CattleVacBox Vaccine Coolers are proudly made in the USA. Our rugged, rotomolded construction is double insulated, designed to specifically keep your vaccines, with the use of ice packs, at the right temperature even under the most extreme conditions. Quality is extremely important to our Team, so keeping production stateside is a high priority. We love supporting our fellow Americans. Our goal is to make products built to last that protect your vaccines, your livestock, and your workers. Proudly made and patented in the USA, we want to make sure every shot counts.