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Get the most out of your vaccines with the use of a CattleVacBox livestock vaccine cooler. Vaccines break down in sunlight and warm temperatures, making them less effective and even dangerous. Safeguard your investment by keeping your vaccines cool, sorted, and protected while processing cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, horses, or other livestock.

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Livestock Vaccine Cooler Designed To Protect Your Investment.


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Livestock Identification & RFID Equipment.

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Made In The USA!

CattleVacBox coolers were designed by a 4th generation Colorado rancher and are proudly made and patented in the USA. Their rugged, rotomolded construction is double-insulated to keep your vaccines, with the use of ice packs, at the right temperature even under the most extreme conditions. 

Create Your Own Design

Make your CattleVacBox Cooler or Ear Tags one-of-a-kind with a permanent laser engraving. We offer services to assist with branding and personalization. Should you have any questions you can also reach out to our team at

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